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Weekly show hosted by Drew SoulQuest and Dev Devious. Watch New episodes below!

Do you like Hip hop/Rap music? Or are you a passionate, hip hop head connoisseur who is obsessed about the past and present of hip hop culture? Join hip hop connoisseur, creator, and media personality Drew SoulQuest and his sidekick Dev Devious as they discuss and debate past and present moments of hip hop culture. 

  • Quest Convo Ep. 24

    Quest Convo Ep. 24

  • Quest Convo Ep. 23

    Quest Convo Ep. 23

  • Quest Convo Ep. 22

    Quest Convo Ep. 22

    Please like, share, and subscribe! In episode 22 of Quest Convo podcast we are discussing how music is consumed in the streaming era versus how music was consumed before the year 2000 and how it affects the artist.